Outriders failed to make a profit in 2021

  • A new report has revealed that, despite a strong start, Outriders failed to make a profit in 2021.

    The report comes from developer People Can Fly (via Tweak Tower). Here, the company revealed the game is yet to make its publisher (Square Enix) any revenue. This was something that was suspected in August last year, when the developer said Square Enix was yet to pay it a royalty fee.

    People May Fly remains committed to delivering at least one more DLC for Outriders, which according to the document is called Outriders Worldslayer and will be released in 2022. But it does not have any expectation it will receive any royalties from the project: "There can be no assurance that net proceeds from the sale of Outriders in future periods will be sufficient for the publisher to recover the costs incurred and to pay royalties to the Group."

    Game development is an expensive business, and the idea that Outriders may not have made a profit is rough. Square Enix also has full IP and publishing rights for Outriders as a brand, and it’s important to note that the game was far from a commercial or critical failure. In its first month, it had more than 3.5 million unique players, with Square Enix calling it the company’s “next major franchise.” This number was likely boosted due to its release on Xbox Game Pass.

    However, sadly for People Can Fly, it seems that initial spark has now dimmed. But, despite this, Outriders is one of the few IPs that Square Enix has not decided to part ways with.

    Out of the blue on Monday, the publisher announced it had entered into a deal with Embracer Group to sell off its western studios and over 50 intellectual properties for just $300m.

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