NBA 2K is back with a far more robust edition of NBA 2K23

  • The AI reacts with MT 2K23 more authenticity by analyzing things such as screens or cutting into the basket, all while off the ball. Also, the dribbling has been enhanced so that players like Kyrie Irving experience a different level of control than the average ball player. Finally, the new shot meter is working very well.

    NBA 2K23 review: Great Basketball, Bloated Hubs

    NBA 2K23 marks of much-needed adjustment to the course of this franchise thanks to improved gameplay, more immersive MyCareer with new Seasons and more. After a somewhat underwhelming outing last year, NBA 2K is back with a far more robust edition of NBA 2K23.

    2K23 shines its best on the court as that is the most important aspect, but it suffers from unnecessarily bloated hubs, especially in the most popular mode, MyCareer. The W is also less of an option than a full-fledged mode, but at least it's improved with the graphic and gameplay improvements.

    It's still enjoyable to play. There are plenty of activities for fans to enjoy to do in MyCareer, MyTeam, and the more in-depth League as well as GM modes which make up for the shortcomings of The City on current-gen consoles and The Neighborhood on last-gen.

    At the core, the aspect of whether or not an entry within the NBA 2K franchise is lies in how enjoyable it is to play an actual basketball game. The good news is that it's not too long a wait for the game's unveiling whatever it is, it's a NBA game on MyCareer as well as a pickup game in the hubs, or a match in Domination within MyTeam.

    The gameplay in 2K23 feels more realistic and enjoyable than previous games. From small tweaks to stamina drain to adjustments to shot meter settings, to new badges in MyCareer and MyTeam The whole thing goes hand-in-hand with the stunning graphics that 2K has been known to make something memorable.

    Like previous games, NBA 2K23 looked for new additions to improve the player experience including introducing new activities within MyTeam as well as introducing a fresh Seasonal Quest feature to MyCareer and introducing new games for safe nba 2k23 mt players in order to boost their profile within The City.