MT 2K23 they run the basic zones available in the game

  • There is a distinct absence of "Team Defense" options. The NBA is not a team sport today, nor do MT 2K23 they run the basic zones available in the game. The Jazz is a solid defensive team, utilizes a hybrid defense which allows Rudy to protect the perimeter and the paint at all times. However, the game doesn't have sophisticated team defense options. In essence, we're required to play a traditional defense against a modern offense, which is why it's so hard to defend 5 out of offenses.

    Even after applying updates, the AI still ignores approximately half of the AI defensive strategies. For instance, playing a modern NBA small ball team is a challenge because even when you have more agile defensive players, the defensive AI seems to break into certain roles. In a previous game, Kawhi was the roll defense and I had switched my settings to change between the two. In lieu of switching, he simply observed the ball handler walking toward the rim looking for an easy basket.

    2K is focused on defense and offense. At the very least we ought to be able to play the 4-1 style defense that the Jazz play to protect ourselves from the OP 5 out the offense of the game. Simulator game modes such as MyLeague and play now are what I'm talking about.

    Since 2k11I've bought every 2k.

    This is my favorite game mode. Since 2k11, I've bought every 2k and prayed for new updates. We'll see...

    1. Matches that are totally unbalanced. The idea of cross-matching players from Tiers isn't a good idea. If I select the Pelicans which is a Tier 2 league, I shouldn't be matched against a Tier 1 team such as the Lakers. Players should never be cross matched with present historic and current teams. If I select the Nuggets of the present then I shouldn't be set up against the Warriors of 2016/17 Warriors or reverse.

    2. Menu for pre-game. When setting matchups and lineups before the game begins the player's text shifts and bounces around. This makes it incredibly hard to actually establish lineups.

    3. Gameplay. Inbounding the ball requires more regularity. Many times, the inbounder will take longer than 5-10 seconds before reaching the ball. There's also inconsistency and a delay from when you press the button to bring inbound the ball and when the inbounder is inbounding the ball. Calling for a screen doesn't always yield the option you choose. You may not get the game you want if you simply call for an option to roll and pick the left bumper. There will be many instances in a game where the roller may do something completely opposite of NBA 2K MT Coins the option you selected or simply stand in the middle of nothing, ignoring any of the possibilities.