Kungelanium Guardian Raid in Lost Ark

  • How to Start Kungelanium Guardian Raid in Lost Ark Gold.

    Do you know how to begin you on the path to Kungelanium Guardian Raid in Lost Ark? This mission has been designed on one of the latest bosses to be introduced in the game and everyone is dying for information on how to go about the top of the list. This is all you should know about starting the quest.

    How to Start Kungelanium Guardian Raid in Lost Ark

    In order to even get the chance to fight Kungelanium during Kungelanium's Guardian Raid in Lost Ark Your character should be at a minimum iLvl 1460 or higher and you must have defeated all of the previous Guardians. Since this is a level 6 raid, you'll need to take on the following:

    Level 1 Guardians

    Ur'nil (iLvl 302+)

    Lumerus (iLvl 340+)

    Icy Legoros (iLvl 380+)

    Vertus (iLvl 420+)

    Level 2 Guardians

    Chromanium (iLvl 460+)

    Nacrasena (iLvl 500+)

    Flame Fox Yoho (iLvl 540+)

    Tytalos (iLvl 580+)

    Level 3 Guardians

    Dark Legoros (iLvl 802+)

    Helgaia (iLvl ILvl. 840+)

    Calventus (iLvl 880+)

    Achates (iLvl 920+)

    Level 4 Guardians

    Frost Helgaia (iLvl 960+)

    Lava Chromanium (iLvl 1000+)

    Levanos (iLvl 1040+)

    Alberhastic (iLvl 1080+)

    Level 5 Guardians

    Heavy Armor Nacrasena (iLvl 1302+)

    Igrexion (iLvl 1325+)

    Night Fox Yoho (iLvl 1355+)

    Velganos (iLvl 1358+)

    As with many other Guardian Raids in the game it is possible to participate in the Kungelanium fight twice every day. All you have to do is interact with on the Guardian Raid bulletin board in any major city in the game, and start the fight from there. It is important to note that you must to be finished with the campaign and have unlocked North Vern in order to get access to it.

    That is everything you have to be aware of before starting playing the Kungelanium Guardian Raid in Lost Ark. If you're on the hunt for additional information on the game, make sure to look through the rest of Twinfinite to read the rest of our guides that contain plenty of tips, tricks, and FAQs.

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