Learning how to order drinks at a bar

  • Learning how to order drinks at a bar doesn’t have to be a painful process.  Sometimes, however, just trying to figure out what to order at a bar can be a bit of a process if you’ve never been to a bar before, you don’t go out clubbing, don’t drink too often etc.  There is a right and wrong way to order drinks at the bar and the benefits of knowing how to order drinks at a bar are that you will get quicker service, the bartenders will be friendlier towards you and you won’t look like a schmuck in front of your friends and the other club goers.

    You may be afraid to sound dumb or end up with the wrong drink. Ordering a drink isn’t that hard though, and this blog is going to give you the basic terminology and phrases to help you get your next drink made just the way you want it.

    How to Order Drinks at a Bar

    What NOT To Do
    #1 – “The Searcher”
     #2 – Spare Change
    #3 – “The Double Order”
     #4 – “I’ll Have a Beer”
     #5 “What’s Good?”
     #6 “Challenging the Bartender”
     #7 “Do You Know Who I Am?”
     #8 “Hold My Purse”
     #9 “Can You Cover Me?”
    #10 “Helping Yourself to Tips”
    #11 “I Forgot My Change!”
    #12 “Hitting on the Bartender”

    Learning the Lingo
    There is so much terminology when heading into a bar that that might be the number one thing intimidating you. Here’s a couple of terms you should know before you walk in through the door. You can also head here to learn more.

        Rocks- swerved on ice.
        Up- served up, typically in a coupe glass
        Neat- Typically a spirit, served in a rocks glass without ice.
        Shaken- A drink that typically contains any type of fruit juice
        Stirred- A drink that has only amaro/liqueurs/spirits
        House wine- is typically the wine that the bar/restaurant opens regularly and keeps heavily stocked- not necessarily the cheapest wine on the menu, and typically a pretty decent drink.
        Well liquor- is a base spirit that is in a bar’s well. This will typically consist of whiskey, rum, tequila, vodka, gin, etc.
        “Calling” or a “You Call It” means you call your spirit and then what you want to mix it with- coke, sprite, soda, etc.

    Maybe you’re like ‘ok Gabby + Erin, I’m pretty comfortable ordering drinks, but I still wanna try something new,” we got you!

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